Contractor Video Production

So you’re a contractor. You’ve been approached by numerous marketing agencies. All these marketing agencies propose the world to you, they’re going to solve all of your problems, just sign here. HA! Today we are going over the reality of video production if you own or operate a contractor based company. No it won’t solve all of your problems, no you may not see a return as soon as you put the video into the marketplace, yes there’s a chance it flops and now you just spent 5,000$ for nothing. Let’s talk about some pros and cons to video/photo production for your blue collar business.

Investment.. Let’s talk about business investments, tools, trucks, employees ect. All of these items are here to generate your company more money. A truck gets you to the jobsite, tools do the work, employees operate the tools. So why am I bringing this up? Well just like anything, things can turn out to be a bad investment. Your truck ends up in the shop, your tools break, employees start showing up late, with any of these investments theres inherent risk involved. In fact, all business is risky. So what do we do? Risk management, we do our due diligence when buying tools, trucks,and hiring employees. Investing into online infrastructure is no different. 

The Why.. So why? Why do I as a contractor need video? The short answer is you may not, but like the things we mentioned above, with risk comes reward. Video and photo acts as a magnifying glass for the entire online space to have a peek into your best business practices. Your safety protocols, the culture you’ve built, the state of the art equipment you invest in. Video is here to tell your story the way you want to, and in turn the marketplace makes a decision if you’re a good fit or not. The best part, you control the narrative. You see, video acts as a first impression via the internet. You get to control that first impression time and time again. You have a chance for people to interact with the brightest people in your organization before they even pick up the phone to call you. Now that’s a winning recipe.

Employees.. Besides using video to attract more business, let’s talk about attracting customers looking for a job. How we see things, potential employees are simply customers looking for a organization that fits their needs. As the newcomers come into the working field, highschool and college aren’t going to teach them much about the trades. Let’s be honest, in fact they might even try and deter kids from going that route. Thankfully, we as people have access to the same platforms all of these highschool aged kids are on. We can promote quality money making opportunities that get them excited to work. A prime example. Yes a picture of a dozer pushing dirt may not mean much, but to some kid in Illinois, that could be the deciding reason he gets into it. It looks badass! So as much as we want to kick and scream and go back to the old ways, it’s not happening. We must act and be on the forefront of technology to win attention back to the trades. 

So, we hope you enjoyed today’s reading. Production in the contractor space is amazing. Its our sole niche we at Antix Productions love to focus on creating content for. Linemen, equipment operators, carpenters, machinists, you name it. We pride ourselves on the fact we get to showcase the men and women who build and rebuild America everyday. Check out our other blogs on how to make sure you pick the right video production company to make sure you don’t get screwed. Until next time…