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Video Production

From beginning to end, we cover all of your video production needs.

Photo Production

Looking to electrify your social media? Lets work together to capture your guys in action.

Website Development

Looking for a new website? How about a refresh? Don’t worry, we have you covered.


About Antix Productions

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Antix Productions solely lives to serve the media markets. With massive platforms such as Youtube, instagram, and facebook stealing everyone’s attention, this new age of marketing can be hard code to crack. In comes Antix. We have worked with 20+ comapanies in manu emerging markets to help showcase products, services, and stories. We are very proud of our 5 Star rating, and we strive to constinue giving A1 service to everyone we work with. 

Meet our founder. Zane has 5+ years of video production experience alone. He’s worked on everything from high end commercial supercar shoots, to finding himself  on site with major real estate developers. Now he’s focused on the Electrical infrastructure trade as a whole. Driving as much awareness to the issues at hand  through video and photography as possible.

Only the Best


Pre Production

We work directly With you to establish the real problem at hand. Once this has been done we move onto storyboarding and shotlisting the production to achieve the perfect final media piece time and time again.


In The Mud

Next comes the fun part.. getting dirty. Our lowkey, professional team, visits you for the actual shooting of the content. This is where we capture all the content need to make your vision come to life.


The Product

In the end, our editing wizards go into hibernation mode to work on making your project come to life in post production. We edit the video thoroughly until its exactly the way you want it. And if you dont like it? We’ll fix it until you do.

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Licensed and insured Drone Pilots

video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

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